France – Tarbes – LGP – Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes

Contact GFC : Malik Yahiaoui

Research and education on technical ceramics
Direction : Prof. Jean DENAPE

47, avenue d’Azereix, BP1629
65016 Tarbes cedex
Tel. +33 5 62 44 27 16

Research topics :
• Tribology of structural ceramics : friction and wear measurements under various operating conditions (speed, load, temperature, environment), characterization of wear mechanisms and interface dynamics (debris behaviour and accommodation flows), tribo-actived structural changes of ceramics pairs including alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, diamond, amorphous carbon, C-SiC composites, ceramic coatings.
Contact information :
Tel : +33 5 62 44 27 24
• Local mechanical properties of thin ceramics layers and coatings : experimental determination of multi-scale hardness, local Young modulus, crack threshold on thin layers for MEMS, aluminum oxide and hydroxyapatite coatings for biomedical applications.
Contact information :
Pr. Joël ALEXIS (IMF team)
Tel : +33 5 62 44 27 23
• Bonding of ceramic : polymer junctions between structural ceramics as silicon carbide, aluminium nitride and alumina. Surface treatments of ceramics. Experimental determination of chemical functions suitable for enhancing adherence. Conception and processing of new adherence tests adapted to adhesively bonding ceramic assemblies. Predictive laws of mechanical behaviour during use life of assemblies.
Contact information :
Pr. Valérie NASSIET (IMF team)
Tel. +33 5 62 44 29 30
• Mechanical modeling of ceramic structures and assemblies : thermo-mechanical characterization and modeling of multi material assemblies, reliability of ceramic parts and ceramic assemblies, numerical simulation and computer aided design.
Contact information :
Pr. Olivier DALVERNY (M2SP team)
Tel. +33 5 62 44 27 29

Exceptional facilities :
• Tribometers (rotating, fretting, high temperature up to 900°C, vacuum conditions), micro and nano-indentation, microscratch tests, micro-tensile tests in SEM, adhesion tests.
• Mechanical finite element code (Abaqus, Catia V5, Patran…).