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janvier 2019

1 janvier 2019 -
31 décembre 2019
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Formation « PM Life » en Métallurgie des Poudres

PM Life is a new lifelong training programme to help develop the future of Powder Metallurgy and help provide a comprehensive training course to help you take the next step in your career. Each year, you can choose to attend the full programme (5 one week modules, in 2018) or select specific modules, among Powder and Hard Materials, Press and Sinter, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Additive Manufacturing, Metal Injection Moulding. PM Life offers an optional three week internship in a company, a research centre or a university.

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septembre 2019

22 septembre 2019 -
26 septembre 2019
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International conference

10th International Conference on High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites – HT-CMC 10

Date limite de soumission : 15/02/2019

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octobre 2019

novembre 2019

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