FRANCE – Pessac – Institute for Condensed Matter Chemistry Bordeaux – CNRS Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB)-CNRS

Contact GFC : Jean-Marc Heintz

Direction : Dr. Mario MAGLIONE,

87, Avenue du Docteur Schweitzer
33608 PESSAC cedex (France)
Tel. +33 5 4000 2650
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ICMCB focuses on three research areas : Solid State Chemistry, Materials Science and Molecular Science. Ceramic materials, their processing (including powder synthesis, study of sintering mechanisms) and their characterization, are major scientific topics for materials science at ICMCB. Research covers all length scales from nano-particles to macroscopic bulk ceramic materials.

Contact information for ceramic materials : Prof. Jean-Marc Heintz
Tel. +33 5 4000 6257,

Main research topics in the field of ceramic sciences:

• Oxides and structured electroceramics for energy and electronics: electroceramics and their sintering (ferroelectric, dielectric, piezoelectric), high temperature fuel cells (SOFC, PCFC, SOEC), structure/property relationships through modelling and simulation coupled with measurement and 3D imaging tools.
Contact information: Dr Cathy Elissalde,
• Chemistry and photonic of oxide and fluoride materials: Design, synthesis and characterization of optical materials, micro/nano powders. Transparent ceramics.
Contact information : Dr Veronique Jubera,
• Chemistry for Nanomaterial: Hydrothermal sintering
Contact information : Prof. Graziella Goglio,
• Metallurgy and functional Materials: ceramics and composite materials processed by powder metallurgy. Nuclear ceramics and analogues. Study of sintering mechanisms (role of point defects, diffusion). New sintering techniques (microwave, SPS).
Contact information : Prof. Jean‐Marc Heintz,
• Scientific and technical services:
o High‐pressure. Dr Alain Largeteau,
o Spark Plasma Sintering. Dr U-Chan Chung Seu,
o Thin films. Dr Dominique Michau,

Facilities :
• Processing : HT furnaces (1800°C/various atm), SPS, Microwave + Hot pressing
• Characterization : XRD, chemical, thermal, magnetic, electrical, optical, piezo and pyro measurements (T°/atm). X-ray tomography, TEM, FEG‐SEM, Electron microprobe, Auger, XPS, SIMS.

Financial support programmes :
• Many french and foreign companies collaborate with ICMCB in the field of materials and ceramics : Airbus, Arkema, CEA, Corning, Dassault, EDF, Essilor, Exxelia, Imerys, Merck, Metallor, Orano, Safran, Schneider, Solvay, STMicroelectronics, Thalès
• An important part of our research is carried out in association with institutional organizations : European Networks of Excellence (IDS FunMAt), Research Clusters, ANR, CNES, DGA, CEA, ADEME, Région Aquitaine
• ICMCB is also part of « Initiative d’Excellence of University of Bordeaux » and develops research works within four French clusters of excellence : Amadeus, Laphia, CPU and Storex