France – Grenoble SIMAP – Université Grenoble Alpes / CNRS (UMR 5266)

Contact GFC : Jean-Marc Chaix

Science, Engineering, Materials and Processes
Direction : Yannick Champion

1130 rue de la Piscine – BP 75
Tél +33 476 826 517

Research topics:
More than 230 physicists, chemists, materials and fluid mechanics scientists study synthesis,forming, assembly and properties of materials combining experimentation and modelling from atomic level to full process scale. Based on processing and characterization facilities for studying both metallic alloys and ceramics, the works include solidification, sintering, processing of powder materials including sintering, surfaces and interfaces, with application to functional and structural materials. The main research topics involving ceramics are:
• Sintering of ceramics: The research group is concentrated on sintering processes and mechanisms, with emphasis on microstructure and properties.
Contact information:
Dr Jean-Marc CHAIX, Prof. Didier BOUVARD
Tel : +33-476 826 616 –
• Multiphysics modelling of powder processing: compaction, microwave heating, densification during sintering at microstructure and , coupling between electromagnetic-mechanical-thermal processes. DEM,and FEM modelling techniques
Contact information:
Prof. Didier BOUVARD, Dr Christophe .MARTIN
Tel: +33-476 826 307 –
• High temperature thermodynamics. CVD/ALD deposition of thin films: thermodynamic properties measurement and phase diagrams calculation (CALPHAD).
Contact information:
Dr. Elisabeth BLANQUET, Dr. Ioana NUTA
Tel. +33-476 826 649 –

Exceptional facilities:
• Microwave single mode cavity furnaces, optical dilatometry (classic, microwave)
• High temperature mass spectrometry (2000°C), CVD and ALD.
Financial support:
• International and national, institutional and industrial