Offre Post-Doctorat

Post-Doc with experience in oxide ceramics and thin films fabrication for MEMS applications

Codex International (99 Chemin de Manerbe - 14100 Saint-Désir) and in the University Polytechnique Hauts de France (UPHF) in Valenciennes (North of France)

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Please send your application to Stéphane Séguier, CTO via e-mail (, Denis Remiens (, Julien Carlier (, Professors at UPHF, joining your CV, diploma copies, motivation letter and possibly up to 3 support letters from previous position supervisors.


The candidate will be enrolled by Université Polytechnique Hauts de France (UPHF) in collaboration with the CODEX International company. At UPHF, the candidate will take place in the lab IEMN – DOAE (Institute of Electronics Microelectronics – Opto Acousto Electronic department). This laboratory has strong competences on the fields of functional thin films and especially by sputtering deposition. The studied materials will be focused on piezoelectric inorganic materials without lead in bulk form (for target) and in thin films form. These materials in thin film form will be used for MEMS, SAW and BAW acoustic applications Non Destructive Testing, which is another strong competence of the university. The candidate will spend around 50% of the time in the company.