France – Maubeuge – LMCPA – Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

Contact GFC : Anne Leriche

Research and education on technical ceramics
Direction : Prof. Christian COURTOIS

Campus universitaire de Maubeuge
Boulevard Charles de Gaulle
59600 Maubeuge
Tel. +33 3 27531660

Research topics :
• Bioactive ceramics for bone substitution and Drug delivery systems : calcium phosphate powder synthesis, macroporous bone substitute fabrication, functionalization for prophylactic treatments and phagotherapy.
Contact information :
Dr Jean-Christophe HORNEZ (HDR)
Tel : +33-3275316
Functional ceramics and composites : fabrication of piezoelectrical ceramics and polymer-ceramic composites from powder synthesis up to devices for actuators.
Contact information :
Prof. Christian COURTOIS
Tel : +33-327531669
• Surface functionalization by ceramic coatings : wear, corrosion and temperature resistant coatings by sol-gel technique.
Contact information :
Tel. +33-327531660

Exceptional facilities :
• High capacity reactors for Ca-P oxide powder synthesis by precipitation route (up to 8 kg per batch).
• Microwave assisted sintering

Financial support programmes :
• Interreg V Programme France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen
• Regional fundings : ARCiR Nord pas de Calais
• National fundings : ANR