post-doc 18 mois proposé par Mateis et Saint-Gobain CREE

Mechanical properties of 3D-printed ceramic materials

Lyon (Mateis), for the first 6 months. Cavaillon (Saint-Gobain) for the remaining 12 months, with several month-long missions abroad (1 to 2 months in Berlin, 1 month in Barcelona, 2 to 3 months in Torino).

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This project is part of the AMITIE European project which focuses on additive manufacturing of ceramics. The objective is to understand the mechanisms of failure of additive-manufactured ceramics, depending on the microstructure of the materials. Fabrication of ceramic samples having different compositions (mainly zirconia, and also silicoaluminates, silicon carbide) and using different additive manufacturing techniques (such as robocasting or laser selective drying) will be performed. X-Ray tomography will allow precise imaging of the obtained microstructure. Characterization of the mechanical properties will be performed using high-end techniques such as in-situ testing under tomograph. The post-doc will include several secondments to other AMITIE partner labs : – Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin – Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona – Polytechnical University of Torino.